Mother May I

Your name is KANAYA MARYAM.

You are 19 YEARS OLD and you like to think that you AREN'T VERY DIFFERENT from other girls your age. Of course that may have something to do with the fact that you don't actually KNOW A LOT OF PEOPLE, and you essentially HAVE NO FRIENDS by your personal definition of the word.

You live with your SINGLE MOTHER in a house that could accurately be described as LAVISH. Since childhood your mother has HOMESCHOOLED you in the ways of ETIQUETTE and had you attend numerous BEAUTY PAGEANTS. You aren't terribly competitive, but you enjoy MAKING YOUR OWN OUTFITS, so much so that you are taking a few COLLEGE COURSES in FASHION in your spare time.

You are a NIGHT OWL and prefer to get most things done after the sun has gone down. You enjoy taking LONG NAPS in the SUNSHINE out in the large GARDEN you tend to with your mother. You also have a secret passion for ROMANTIC LITERATURE involving VAMPIRES and other CREATURES OF THE NIGHT. This passion is only one of the things you are RELUCTANTLY KEEPING FROM YOUR MOTHER.

In an ATTEMPT AT NORMALCY and also out of the need for another CREATIVE OUTLET, you have created this blog.

What will you do?

((Roleplaying blog for AU/Human Kanaya Maryam from Homestuck.))



Why are you even going on at me a8out all this! You should be yelling at that lazy 8itch who got me fired! She got what she deserved! It’s not like any8ody got hurt!

I don’t need your help finding a jo8! Jo8s got easy after a few years of experience. I was just wondering if you happened to know of any place hiring, 8ut since you’re going to 8e like that I take 8ack my wondering. 

Yes Let Me Just Go Down To Your Work Right This Instant And Yell At This So Called Bitch But Why Stop There I Should Also Yell At Your Manager Correct

What About The Owner Of The Store Itself No Better Yet The Company I Am Sure They Had A Hand In Firing You Do You See Where I Am Going With This

Can You Really Take Back Your Wondering Though

I Would Be Quicker To Assist You If I Didnt Think It Could Somehow Add To The Count Of Ruined Vehicles You Seem Capable Of Racking Up

Why Is It That You Cannot Stay Out Of Trouble For Any Extended Period Of Time

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It’s actually su8merged in the lake just a few miles away from the store, 8ut that’s not the point. She just went and got me in trou8le with the managers for no reason! She lost me my jo8, I lost her car. It’s not like I killed her dog or anything.

8ut yeah, the point is I was wondering if you knew any place that’s hiring right now. I need a jo8 or else I have to rely on my mom all the time and if I have to do that, I’m just going to shoot myself!

Submerged In The

For Fucks Sake Vriska

You Dont Just Do That To Peoples Personal Property No Matter What The Circumstances Are Cars Are Very Expensive And That Is Hardly An Appropriate Course Of Action Because She Got You Into Some Trouble At Work

I Would Certainly Hope That You Did Not Kill Her Pets

Even If I Did Know Of Somewhere That Was Hiring I Am Not Sure How Inclined I Would Be To Help You After Your Admission Just Now



Try Not To Make Any More Rash Decisions For A While Will You

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pir88eauty replied to your post: Oh yeah, and I got fired from my jo8 the other day. The 8itch at customer service had 8etter lies, apparently. That’s okay though, 8ecause she no longer has a car. ::::)

I didn’t do anything!!!!!!!! She just couldn’t handle the fact that I am a 8etter cashier than her!

Apparently You Are Also Better At Vandalism And Or Theft Than She Is

I Am Not Sure What You Were Implying With That Last Bit About The Car

pir88eauty asked:
Oh yeah, and I got fired from my jo8 the other day. The 8itch at customer service had 8etter lies, apparently. That's okay though, 8ecause she no longer has a car. ::::)

What Did You Do Vriska Serket

pir88eauty asked:
My mom forced me to put nail polish on today. It was either that or 8e her shopping 8uddy or a week, 8ut at least she gave me my favorite color of 8lue???????? >:::\

She is the worst mom. Yours is 8etter. Let's switch ::::D!

I Highly Doubt She Forced You To Put It On Though I Can See Why You Would Put It That Way

I Am Sure It Looks Fine On You Though You Have Nice Nails You Know

Have You Met My Mother For More Than 8 Minutes

As Nice As Yours Is I Am Afraid I Will Have To Decline Your Proposition

Not That It Was Serious Anyway

pir88eauty asked:
Nope! You're still not here!!!!!!!!

Did You Even Wait A Full Minute Before Coming To This Conclusion Or

pir88eauty asked:
I thought you said you were going to 8e online more. This doesn't look like 8eing online more to me!

I Did Indeed Say That I Was Going To Be Online More


Yeah, yeah. Only 8ecause you don’t get online even half as much as I do and I’m normally 8usy with work and 8eing the 8est at everything! I don’t see you on your 8log anymore. Except for the o8vious today.

Wouldnt Being The Best At Everything Be More Of A Passive Trait Than Something That Keeps You Busy

I Will Try To Get On More Often If It Will Appease You

Though I Must Be Off To Run Some Errands Now

Ill Talk To You Later Vriska

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You need to get online more or you’ll come 8ack to more spam than you can handle! ::::\ 

It Has Not Been Too Terrible The Past Few Times

In Fact I Think The Most Spam I Have Gotten Was From A Certain Someone

I Wonder Who

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Unlike The Last Time I Was Gone For An Extended Period There Were Only 2 Spam Messages Waiting For Me In My Ask Box

So Thats Something